Bought this ring light for some professional shots. Arrived on time and instantly I wanted to try it. Open the box and was surprised to see so many things in it.
The Stand was a solid stand and you can adjust the height as you want. The maximum with a ring light, I think it is 2 meters and for my height, it delivers stunning shots by standing. I wish I could share that image But for privacy, I am not sharing. You can also adjust the height of the bottom of the stand to make it flat.

With Ring light, again there a different mode and you can adjust the light accordingly. There are two to do it, Either use the touchpad on the bottom of the ring light or remote control. Which I find it very useful. You can also twist up and down the ring light according to your needs. The mobile phone holder is also very solid and it has that swivel component to adjust the design pattern.

It also comes with a Bluetooth Selfie remote button to take the pictures or videos. It has a very well made carry case too and you can easily fit all the things in the bag.

One important thing to look for is, That you need the socket to turn it on. So make your you use it where you will find a socket. Overall it is a great product and I am going to use it a lot.