I was looking for a drone for a long time with a camera to record some live events and search so many drones. Bought this one and really liked it. A small box and you can carry anywhere. The remote and app are classy. Feels like you are on to a fighter get :). So many functions and for a person like me who never used one was a bit of fun and I tried within the room as I couldn’t get outside. But I think I need more training and need to read the instruction manual for sure.

Footage wise it is great. You can see I have put a clip. The more you will be high the more crisp video you will get. I put on my face and I thought this is not looking good. But when I put on the street, it has good footage. It has 720p and wishes it had the 1080p. It is marketed to the younger audiences so not bothered much. It is a great tool for a person like me to get my hand dirty and train on it.

Batter time is 15 mins which I was critical and it is very less. But saw very expensive drones and they come up with the same flight time. May they provide two drone batteries to make it half an hour flight or something.

Really I am impressed and hopefully get trained on this one and I am going to use it personally and then handover to someone else.