Really impressed with this little elf. What a great product. When I saw the reviews I was a bit reluctant to buy. But I am so glad that I went ahead. I have no regrets but praise.

The picture quality is just amazing. I added a video when the product arrived and I wanted to write the review instantly but thought to explore more. It has been amazing since then.

The motion detection is great. It has so many features. To petrol if it detects anything. Follow if he sees any object.

The app itself is impressive, very useful and you can see your home far from home. Move 360 degree. Talk to the people inside. They can reply you back.

Great for baby monitor, dog monitor and home security. Only problem is that for recording you have to put memory card and I burglar comes in the house find the elf and take the elf with him. You have no record of who went in. For that I would suggest to buy a cloud storage and good thing is they offer that. So may be buy when you are away. So it won’t be expensive for you. But they are reasonable priced.

I am really impressed with this little elf. Even The picture quality is greater than my webcam which I spent 45 pounds. Must buy, you will be very happy with your purchase.