We have Dyson hover and it is a corded one But my wife was complaining about it being very heavy and difficult to use. This hover ad came and really like it as it looks like Dyson but 4 times less pricy.

The good thing about this product is super light and gave wife, she was totally impressed. You can change the length of the handle which is again super handy. It is also wireless/cordless but on the packaging, it is written ‘cordess’ which might put off all of the spell checkers.

The packaging was also surprising, as I was expecting a big box but it was a very small, compact box. All things were laid out quite well nice.

Suction power is also good and it has two modes of it. Not very noisy too. I still feel Dyson’s suction power is great but they ruin the carpet and shorten the life of it. Where this hoover has gentle and hard suction power and I think it will be better for carpet. My opinion though.

Overall super impressed and most of all a happy wife. I will share more pictures later.